How To Heal With Story Medicine

Story medicine impacts your life in a powerfully healing way. What is story medicine? It is the stories you tell yourself about your life, relationships and sense of purpose in life. These stories you tell yourself on a daily basis impact your health immensely for good or bad. Your stories form your health. The stories you tell yourself don’t need to stay the same.

The stories you tell yourself start when you are very small and these stories become your foundation on which you base who you are and how your life will be. These stories are embedded in your unconscious, acting as filters in how you view experiences in your life.

You have the ability to change it. The healing power of stories goes much further and deeper than you might realize.

Using story helps you get to your core, to that area inside of you that knows what you need to heal your life, gain clarity and move forward.

What Does Story Medicine Do?

When you express your deepest feelings and stories of your life, something miraculous happens. As you speak your truth, your nervous system starts to relax and releases feel-good hormones helping to repair your body.

With a relaxed nervous system, you rest well, fight illness better and you can focus on living your best life. This allows you to release relationship pressures, break unhealthy cycles and clarify your purpose in life.

By allowing yourself to speak your truth, issues surface you might not have been aware of that are holding you back from living your authentic life. You can talk about anything, your job, romantic relationships, family, friendships and your purpose in life.

This is how you get to the root of illness. Aha! moments arise from telling your stories and the pathways to health and happiness become clearer. Storytelling facilitates wholeness, a healing from within. Knowing the truth of what is holding you back in this moment is the first critical step on the healing path.

Healing is not a clear cut linear process. As you share your stories from the deepest places within you, and someone listens to you with intention and care, you can feel a fundamental shift in your body and spirit. You’ll recognize the people and situations that empower your personal growth and effectiveness in the world.