Why Does Your Body Need To Be Alkaline

Do you know if your diet is acidic or alkaline? Does that really matter to your health? In the long run, yes it does matter! The foods you eat have a powerful impact on your health. Eating foods that are more alkaline are health-promoting.

Our bodies have a pH balance which measures the acidity in our blood. That level can determine our overall state of health. The blood is measured on a pH scale that ranges from 0 to 14. Zero is considered most acidic, and fourteen is highly alkaline. The ideal pH of our blood for optimal health is around 7.35 which is neutral. pH test strips help monitor your body.

When your body is in an acidic internal environment, there is less oxygen available to your cells for energy production. An acidic environment is considered the perfect setting for illness and disease to thrive in.

So What Are Alkaline Foods?

Why Does Your Body Need To Be Alkaline

An alkaline diet works because you have the ability to change the pH value of your body, depending upon the type of food you eat. An ash residue is left behind, similar to the ash left behind in your fireplace from the wood you have burned.

This ash can make your body acidic, alkaline or neutral. If you eat foods that are highly acidic, your body will become acidic. This will make your body more vulnerable to health issues.

When you eat high alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables, you’re eating foods that help prevent your blood from becoming too acidic. Which promotes your health in endless ways. This diet helps protect cells, balance mineral levels and prevent plaque formation in blood vessels.

Alkaline diets are high in potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate from fruits and vegetables and have been found to have a range of potential benefits.

High Alkaline Fruits


Why Does Your Body Need To Be Alkaline

  • avocado
  • bananas
  • cherries
  • coconut (water, milk, butter, oil)
  • dates
  • figs
  • grapefruit
  • lemons
  • limes
  • melons—cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon
  • nectarines
  • pomegranates
  • tomatoes

High Alkaline Vegetables


Why Does Your Body Need To Be Alkaline

  • asparagus
  • beets
  • brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • cauliflower
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • eggplant
  • jicama
  • kale
  • lettuces
  • mushrooms
  • spinach
  • squashes, including pumpkin
  • sweet potatoes

What Are Acidic Foods?

Grains, meats, dairy foods, fish, soda and beer are acid-forming, meaning they have a negative impact on your health. These are foods you can still eat but in moderation. Pair these foods with more alkaline foods so you balance your diet.

Acidic Foods

Why Does Your Body Need To Be Alkaline

Foods that tend to cause more acidity in the body that you may need to limit or avoid

  • grains
  • sugar
  • certain dairy products
  • fish
  • processed foods
  • fresh meats and processed meats, such as corned beef and turkey
  • sodas and other sweetened beverages
  • high-protein foods and supplements

By turning towards raw fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods, you’ll create an alkaline environment in your body that will restore balance and lead to weight loss, better energy, and a more robust immune system.

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