How To Make A Sleep Tincture


We’ve all had those nights at one time or another where sleep just seems impossible, tossing and turning all night and waking up tired. This sleep tincture is powerful and you get a really good nights rest without feeling groggy in the morning.

It is so empowering to make your own plant medicine! When people tell me about all the medications they are taking, I just have to think to myself, “Thankfully I can make my own!” Above all, I know what my medicines are made of, where the plants come from and possibly most important of all: they work! I hope you enjoy this recipe for an herbal sleep aid!

Herbs To Help You Sleep


How To Make A Sleep Tincture


Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis ) is one of my favorite herbs for pain and sleep, no sleep routine should be without it! Valerian root is not habit-forming, does not cause grogginess and is an effective pain reliever. A common use of valerian root is for stress and anxiety. Although valerian is very effective for most people, for a rare 10% of the population, it does not work and can cause the opposite effect. Not for use during pregnancy.

Valerian has a very strong odor that many people (myself included) find unpleasant. It’s really strong when you are drying fresh roots. It’s best smell wise to buy dried roots to tincture.


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Hops (Humulus lupulus) give you a deeper, more meaningful sleep and also relaxes you so you can rest. This herb also helps lower your body temperature, bringing about drowsiness and beginning the body’s sleep process. Do not  use during pregnancy.

Sleep Tincture Recipe



  • Measure out the herbs using a small kitchen scale and place them in a quart-sized mason jar.
  • Fill the jar with vodka making sure all the plant material is covered also leave a 1-inch head-space.
  • Make sure you write on a piece of masking tape and stick on your jar, the date you made your tincture and the date it will be ready.
  • Close the lid to the jar tightly and place it in a warm spot for 4-6 weeks. Shake vigorously each day.
  • Strain off the plant material using cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. Compost the plant material!
  • Place liquid in a dark glass tincture bottle.

Take 1 or 2 droppers every night 30 minutes prior to bed. Start with a small amount—one full dropper, and increase as needed to up to 3 full droppers full at a time. Three FULL droppers are about 1/2 teaspoon of tincture.

Your tincture kept in a dark glass bottle and out of the sunlight will last 5 years.

Using this herbal tincture will give you a deeper, quality sleep ensuring you wake up feeling rested and ready for your day. The herbs valerian root and hops are not habit-forming.

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