What The Heck Is Wood Cream?!


What the heck is wood cream or cutting board cream? I’ve never heard of it, even though I use wooden spoons and cutting boards all the time. So I had to research this since curiosity got the best of me…again.

Well I’m so glad I did! It so happens this miracle cream is awesome for conditioning your wooden spoons, bowls, butcher blocks, cutting boards, anything wooden you want to recondition. How awesome is that and it’s only two ingredients! Quick and simple, easy peasy and it lasts for several months! My spoons REALLY need some TLC as you can see in this picture.


What The Heck Is Wood Cream?!


A big bonus is this recipe is its mineral oil free. Some how I didn’t feel comfortable having mineral oil on my wooden utensils and cutting boards, what if it leaches into my food? Another bonus, this cream also moisturizes your hands since you need to spread it all over your wooden utensils. Once applied, it moisturizes and protects wooden surfaces such as butcher blocks, cutting boards, salad bowls and of course, spatulas and spoons.

My homemade version is made with coconut oil, as opposed to mineral oil, so it’s all-natural and petroleum-free. Make sure you buy organic, food grade beeswax and coconut oil. You will want to oil your wooden utensils about once a month, or when you notice they are getting dry. You want to keep your utensils oiled regularly so they don’t dry out and crack.

Wood Cream Recipe

  • 2 tablespoons beeswax pellets
  • 6 tablespoons unrefined coconut oil



Here is my after picture  What the Heck is Wood Cream?!

Now your wooden utensils and cutting boards will never be dried out and cracked again when you use this wood cream. Don’t be like me and just pop them in the dishwasher because it’s easy. Take the time to take care of your wooden utensils and cutting boards, they will serve you well for years.

When you take a moment and think about it, making your own products are relatively simple to make with only a few ingredients. I feel this is empowering to each of us as we are aware of every ingredient that goes into these products. We have the choice to make them as healthy as possible.




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