Electuary, Sweet Medicine Children Will Love

An electuary is a mixture of powdered herbs with a sweet binder. You can use honey, maple syrup or molasses to mix with the powdered herb. An electuary is a great herbal medicine to make when you have an herb that isn’t pleasant tasting but has great healing abilities. Adults and children alike love this type of medicine because it doesn’t taste like medicine!

If you are new to herbal remedies, electuaries are an excellent place to start since they are very easy to make. You can use any powdered herb and mix with high-quality honey and you have an electuary in minutes.

Making electuaries is an excellent way to use the herbs you’ve grown and harvested this year.


How To Make An Electuary

Make sure your herb of choice is finely ground, as this will make for a smoother paste. To powder your herb, run it through a spice grinder or use a mortar and pestle.

The best honey for your electuary is from a source local to you because it contains pollen from the plants in your area, and can help with building up a tolerance to some airborne pollen allergies. If you don’t have access to local honey buy raw honey from a reputable source. I like this source, it’s pure, raw unfiltered honey.

Using dried herbs offers an advantage over fresh herbs. These kinds of honey stores much longer and do not require refrigeration. Using fresh herbs will make the honey a little runny from the moisture in the fresh herbs.


I start with roughly a tablespoon of powdered herb and then drizzle in honey and stir. I adjust the honey so that I end up with a thick paste. Taste! If you want more herb, add it! Need more honey, do it! This is the beauty of making electuaries! You control the amount you want to make.

Spoon your herb powder and binder into a bowl and stir with a spoon until you have a thick paste. Have another bowl with some of your powdered herb. Before rolling them, wet your hands so the paste doesn’t stick to you. Roll the paste into balls, then into the powdered herb and place on wax paper to dry for a bit. Store the balls in an airtight container.

An alternative method to making the balls is to spoon the paste into a jar and seal. Because you are using dried herbs your electuaries will last for a very long time.

The standard dose for the herbal paste is usually a teaspoonful taken as needed. It can be stirred into hot drinks or taken straight off the spoon. If using the balls, one or two balls are taken as needed.

Suggestions For Herbs To Use

Elderberry- for colds and flu

Ginger- for warming the blood and opening sinuses, as well as for settling an upset stomach

Chamomile– calms nerves and is great for a relaxing night

This is an exciting step in your herbal journey! Electuaries are easy medicines to make and for people to take as they are sweet tasting and mask any bitter-tasting herbs. Explore different herbs and their healing properties. Feel free to combine different herb powders for the exact remedy you or your family needs.

So will you make an electuary?

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